Welcome to blocklite.

Blocklite is a decentralised private blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blocklite is the fastest blockchain ever created with a current processing capacity of over 100k transactions per second. The difference with Blocklite is that it is not open source, meaning our source code is not exposed to the public, only our crypto ledger is.

While offering the same concept of decentralization and redundancy expected from blockchain, Blocklite®´s closed door environment allows us to run a much lighter code that is able to process at an incredible speed of 100k transactions per second, pushing a public ledger of hashes on the website www.blocklite.io.

Blocklite® allows for real time transactions, processed in fractions of seconds, ideal for big banking, gaming and POS.
  • Transactions Encrypted & Hashed
  • Decentralized Crypto Ledger
  • Distributed Authentication Nodes
  • Reporting Platform - www.blocklite.io